minus ion fiber 
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Negative ion fiber is the use of chemical and physical will be negative ion additives and polymer material with good compatibility of nano powder of spinning, after surface treatment, and polymer carrier are mixed according to a certain proportion, melting the anion mother particles, the dry, mixed in a certain proportion of polymer and slice, spinning made of negative ion fiber.     Negative ion fiber, is a kind of negative ion release function of fiber, the fiber release negative ions produced has obvious effect on improving air quality, environment, especially the health effects of negative ions on the human body, have been domestic and foreign medicine through clinical practice. If can make people active acid in vivo hormone disappear, eliminate fatigue, activation of cells, enhance immunity, improve sleep. Functional: 1, improve sleep. Research has shown that, sleep at night wearing pajamas with negative ion emissionfunction can reduce the human rectal temperature in a certain extent, improve the quality of sleep. 2, improve the pulmonary ventilation function. Negativeions through the respiratory tract mucous membrane,promoting mucosa cilia movement, the gland secretionincreased excitability of smooth muscle, rise, ventilationfunction rise. 3, enhance the immune function. On one hand, the negative oxygen ions with high biological activity,bactericidal effect, on the other hand, the negative ion can make epithelial cells with negative charge, enhancementof the same charge repulsion of ions, enabling the virusto cells lose attack ability, thereby improving the body's immune function. 4, activate cells, promote the new supersedes the old.Negative ion is called "air vitamin", when it can enter the body through breathing, can adjust the pH of blood, make human body fluids become weak alkaline. Weakperformance activate cells, increase the permeability of the cell, improve the functions of cells, and keep ion balance, but also improve the oxygen conversion ability,accelerate the new supersedes the old., relieve fatigue,make people happy and relax the body.

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