Flame Retardant Fiber
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Fire caused by fiber products is already an important disaster in society that poses a threat to human life, property and safety. To reduce the damage to life and property caused by fire, developing safe refuges and fireproof equipment for initial fire extinguishment have become indispensable. In particular, the basic measure for fire prevention is "the strategy of not causing fire." Combustible textiles will release harmful gas when burning, a hazard far greater than fireproof textiles. As a result, textiles with the fireproof effect, such as window curtains and carpets, have been applied in a large quantity like the places where buildings become the objects regulated by the law. Product Features The FITA Fireproof Fiber produced by the Far Eastern New Century Corporation is made by using the polyester fiber which is made from phosphide. This fiber is difficult to be ignited and will slightly shrink and massed into a ball in encountering flames. It is a fireproof raw material with extremely high safety, fire-resistant and flame-retardant, and has passed the CNS and examination standards in Japan, America, etc. Besides, it will not produce the halogen toxic gas in burning, considerably safe. Adding the flame resistant to polymers, excellent flame retardation, durability and waterproofing。 Applicable Scope Applicable to clothing and fireproof products, such as medicines, bedding, furniture, tents and industrial fabrics. Attention This fiber is equipped with excellent flame retardation, but attention needs to be paid to the selection of auxiliary dye types for their combustion-supporting in order to avoid the combustion-supporting effect. Item Specifications Property Flame-retardant yarn 150/48 FR DTY 75/36 FR DTY 75/72 FR DTY

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