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In the dog days, one is easily bathed in sweat at every move. Damp, sticky and sultry, the quality of modern people's sports and leisure activity is often considerably affected. As a result, currently commercial products launched by each sports brand has been pouring time and effort on sweat drain and moisture absorption functions one after another. Fabrics with moisture and sweat drain effects, just like the elasticity effect, have become the basic requirements for each type of textile which is after new functions. The TOPCOOL health fiber developed can quickly absorb moisture and drain sweat with outstanding results. Therefore, it is widely popular on the consuming markets at home and abroad. Product Features The TOPCOOL health fiber, a new fiber with functions of moisture absorption and sweat drain, by drawing on the micro grooves on the fiber surface, all of a sudden releases moisture and sweat on the skin surface layer out of the body through the effects of core absorption, expansion and transmission, and then through the fibers on the fabric surface it expands the sweat, which is in turn rapidly vaporized, keeping the skin dry, comfortable and cool. In this way, it has a body temperature-adjusting effect. Besides, the TOPCOOL Health Fiber also features lightweight, quick-dry as well as easy cleaning. Men's football jackets, women's tennis jackets, leisure clothes, sportswear launched in summer. Widely used in summer-autumn multi-functional sports and leisure clothes and women gym series commodities. Applicable to interweaving with natural fibers to reach the Push & Pull effect. Attention 1.The TOPCOOL health fiber possesses the structure of micro grooves, so no special auxiliary agents have to be added in dyeing and processing; it already has excellent moisture absorption and sweat drain effects. Attention should be paid to the use of a softener, though, which should not block the grooves so as to affect the moisture guiding capability. 2.The more the layers designed in a fabric, the better the result.

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