Anti-Bacterial Fiber
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Taiwan is situated in a subtropical damp, high-temperature weather, a hotbed for breeding germs, while in our living environment there are many harmful bacteria hidden posing a threat to human health. On the premise of regarding personal hygiene and enhancing living quality, antiseptic & odor elimination textiles naturally become a requisite in our daily life. Moreover, applying antiseptic fibers to medical appliances is even the extreme embodiment of enhancing the added value. The next-to-the-skin clothing such as underwear, underpants and socks, having been worn for a period of time, usually generates a foul mold odor. Such a smell mainly comes from the odor of ammonia which is produced by the bacteria decomposing the amino acid in the sweat from the human body. Consequently, restraining the growth of the bacteria can effectively prevent the smell from being produced. Product Features As far as the development of the antiseptic & mold-proof textiles is concerned, each country adopts different technology and principles and has made significant progress. Eagelon, the antiseptic & mold-proof fiber launched by the Far Eastern, is produced by adding "the organic compound mold-proof and antiseptic agent" to the polymer for a reaction in the spinning and manufacturing process, which then conducts a spinning again. Therefore, it possesses such effects as permanence, heat resistance and safety. Antiseptic Effect Antiseptic effects reach more than 200 kinds of bacteria. Proved safe by notary organizations such as the Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL). Does not dissolve on account of the UV rays, acidity, alkalinity, organic solvents, etc. Almost does not dissolve in water and warm water, so it can last long effectively. Belongs to the compound synthetic agent type so that it is hard to produce resistant bacteria. Plicable Scope Applicable to medical appliances, operating coats, mattresses, bed sheets, adhesive tapes, etc. Clothes that are directly in touch with the body and that are often used generally, such as underwear, underpants, gauze masks, stockings, shoe linings, towels, carpet, etc., as well as clothing that easily generates bacteria: leisure clothes, sportswear, bodysuits, infant stockings, etc.

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