• Bamboo charcoal fiber
    Bamboo charcoal fiber enjoys the reputation of "black diamond", rich in trace elements that are beneficial to the body. Bamboo charcoal is made by the kiln firing bamboos which grow in the s[More]
  • minus ion fiber 
    Negative ion fiber is the use of chemical and physical will be negative ion additives and polymer material with good compatibility of nano powder of spinning, after surface treatment, and polymer carr[More]
  • Flame Retardant Fiber
    Fire caused by fiber products is already an important disaster in society that poses a threat to human life, property and safety. To reduce the damage to life and property caused by fire, developing s[More]
  • Quick-Dry Fiber
    In the dog days, one is easily bathed in sweat at every move. Damp, sticky and sultry, the quality of modern people\'s sports and leisure activity is often considerably affected. As a result, currently[More]
  • Anti-Bacterial Fiber
    Taiwan is situated in a subtropical damp, high-temperature weather, a hotbed for breeding germs, while in our living environment there are many harmful bacteria hidden posing a threat to human health.[More]
  • UV-Cut Fiber
    In scorching hot summer people\'s demand for UV (ultra-viotlet)-cut clothes begins to grow tremendously. Clothes\' UV-cut performance is determined by the fabric\'s shielding capability of ultra-violet r[More]

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